Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

drink the wild wind

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"Cornered" (c) vanessa v kilmer 20120120
acrylic paint on my desk

"Cornered" (c) vanessa v kilmer 20120120

The border around the dragon's space is made up of runic stones I created. If you are the first to EMAIL [vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com] me with the deciphered saying encrypted here, you will win the dragon egg pictured at the end of this post.
Each picture shows the sequence of the stones. Each picture is not necessarily a separate word.
The saying is in English. Each stone represents 1 letter. No more hints for now.

20130120 16:09 - BRIAN MILLER asks each is a separate letter as well? no multiple pics for the same letter?
ANSWER ~ Each symbol is unique to a particular letter. The pictographs are a second way of representing letters  for a different reason.

Be the first to
EMAIL [vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com]
me with the deciphered saying
to win this dragon egg.


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